1980s Horror Movies - The Lost Boys Vampire

1980s Horror Movies – The Lost Boys

The 1980s horror movies that I was really into were the ones that had a mix of both horror and comedy.  Fright Night (1985), An American Werewolf In London (1981) and The Lost Boys (1987) to name a handful.

To this day, I still quote a line from The Lost Boys.  When I was about to write this article I wondered if after all these years (1) was I quoting it correctly and (2) if it was actually from the movie.  So I re-watched the movie and there it was.

Sam says to Michael after he’s been out all night:

“You need sunglasses to talk on the phone, are you freebasing? Inquiring minds wanna know.

That’s the whole quote but I just use the last part in emails and conversation.

Santa Clara

1980s Horror Movies - The Lost Boys Boardwalk

Joel Schumacher directs the camera skimming across the ocean towards the beach town Santa Clara.  The moon is the only light on the dark water.  The camera stops at the fun fair’s merry-go-round and David (Keifer Sutherland) is meandering in and out of the solid horses.  David and the rest of the lost boys are (Billy Wirth/Dwayne, Alex Winter/Marko, Brooke McCarter/Paul) behind him and they are flirting and messing with the girls on the ride.  A fight erupts and a stocky security guard tells them to get off the boardwalk.  David and his entourage smile and casually walk off.

All is quiet after the fair shuts for the night and the guard is sauntering home.  Something in the air takes his attention, he looks up and breaks out into a fast run.  Something is swooping down towards him at an alarming rate.  The something pulls him up high into the air as he screams.

“What’s That Smell?”

The Emerson family are driving to Grandpa (Barnard Hughes) Emersons house in Santa Clara.  The sun is shining and Sam Emerson (Corey Haim) exclaims, “What’s that smell?“.  His Mum (Dianne Wiest/Lucy) smiles and says, “It’s the ocean air.

Meanwhile, big brother Michael (Jason Patric) is staring up at the Santa Clara billboard.  Written on the back of the billboard in big red letters is: Murder Capital Of The World.

At this point the song People Are Strange (Echo And The Bunnymen) plays and we see posters for missing persons everywhere in the town they are heading for.

Old Fart’s Rules

Grandpa has rules in his house.  One of them is about when the TV guide arrives.  He points out the address label is sometimes curled over a little.  He tells them to not be tempted to tear it off because he doesn’t like it.  Sam suddenly pays attention to his grandpa and asks hopefully, “You have a TV?”  Grandpa replies, “No, I just like to read the TV guide.  If you read the TV guide you don’t need a TV.”  Legendary!

You’ll have to wait until the VERY end of the movie to catch Grandpa’s most legendary scene.  There’s a you tube video here if you want to check out:

Top 5 Grandpa Moments – The Lost Boys – According To lame Duck Top 5’s

After off loading their belongings at Grandpa’s they go exploring around the town.  Lucy sees a job advert in the local video (yep, this was way before mobiles and social media guys) store run by Max (Ed Hermann).  They hit it off, she makes a friend and gets a job to boot.

Max frowns as the lost boys arrive in his shop and he tells them to leave.  Lucy cheekily smirks and points out that they were all young once, only they dress better.  Oh Lucy, if only you knew, they are far from being young.


1980s Horror Movies - The Lost Boys Girl Vamp

Meanwhile, Michael and Sam find their own entertainment on the boardwalk.  A band is playing to a large and noisy crowd.  A shiny chested saxophone player (Tim Capello) is on stage and the audience are dancing wildly.  The brothers are dawdling and taking in their new place to live when Michael spots a long dark curly haired beauty.  Staring at each for far too long, he smiles awkwardly and she runs off.  Sam teases him about her and he strolls off to find her.

Curly hair is Star (Jami Gertz) and she hangs out with David and the gang.  A disappointed Michael spots them later on riding off together on motorbikes.

The Frogs

Little brother Sam has found a collector’s comic book store which is run by Edgar (Corey Fledman) and Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander).  The Frog brothers are checking out Sam’s “fashion victim” attire and he tells them he has just moved from Phoenix.  Striking up a conversation about rare Batman comics, Sam too finds allies in his new home.

The Frog brothers hand him a comic to read titled Vampires Everywhere.  Sam tells them he doesn’t like horror comics.  With a super serious face Edgar answers, “You’ll like this one Mr Phoenix, it could save your life.”

The Two Coreys

1980s Horror Movies - The Lost Boys Comic Book Store

A couple of years before directing The Lost Boys Schumacher directed St. Elmo’s Fire (1985).  I mention that for three reasons, firstly St Elmo’s Fire is one of my favourite 80s movies.  Secondly, I had a massive crush on one of the stars, Rob Lowe.  Thirdly, Schumacher placed an Easter Egg in The Lost Boys in reference to St Elmo’s Fire.  A saucy poster of Rob Lowe hangs in Sam’s bedroom.  So, look out for it, as like most Easter Eggs it is easily missed.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were BIG back in the day.  The Lost Boys was the first of many films that they starred in together. The Two Coreys are what they affectionately became known as in the film world.

1980s horror movies can sometimes be really cheesy but The Lost Boys is not one of them.  With a hilarious and highly charged story.  It’s both scary and steamy.  Furthermore, it has first rate actors and an excellent soundtrack.  All these elements come together to bring you an amazing movie that still holds up today.

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Have you seen this movie? And if not, why not? Inquiring minds wanna know….


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