ABOUT ME - Girl on beachOkay, here’s a little about me…I’ve loved movies since I was tiny.  Mum is a movie fan too so she would take me to the cinema from early on.  Disney, Star Wars and then my first grown up movie Murder By Death (1976 comedy mystery).  That movie has some super actors, I remember eating ice-cream at the interval and had a brilliant experience. And then something amazing happened….

The VHS video recorder arrived. Mum was visiting Blockbusters nearly every day.  I’ll never forget my mates piling round to our house to watch A Nightmare On Elm Street with me, Mum and my brother’s.  That movie was SO exciting and scary at the time. Goodness knows how many movies we all watched in those days.

Of course there was movie watching on TV too, one movie comes to mind called The Phantom Tollbooth.  Released in 1961 it is a children’s fantasy adventure film.  Mixing real life with cartoon, I was completely enthralled as a child.

I like all genre of movies from all years.  Movies with subtitles, classics, the latest big budget action movie, all and any, I discriminate against none. I love movies for many reasons: to have a good laugh, to understand the world, to understand me and the people around me, to be shocked, to be surprised, to open my mind, to gain a different perspective on anything and everything…TO ENJOY.


ABOUT ME - Video RecorderWorking with people from different countries and from all generations and chatting about movies has been a way to connect with people.  Sharing movie titles and discovering  movies you may have otherwise missed is pretty cool when watching movies is one of your  favourite things to do.

If you’ve been into movies for a while and want information on movies that may have gone under your radar or just slipped between the cracks for whatever reason, then read on.

Or maybe you’ve been watching all the more recent movies and now want to branch out to know more about older movies and don’t know where to start.


ABOUT ME - Girl watching movieMovies you may have missed. From any year, any country, any genre. I like to find movies that are not being widely talked about for whatever reason. They could be new independent movies, weird and odd movies, movies that got overlooked because of another movie being super hyped at the same time (think eXistenZ that came out the same year as The Matrix), old movies, black and white classic movies, animation.

I’m doing this for the love of it and to make you aware of movies you may have missed. It’s not a review per se, I’ll introduce you to the movie, explain a little about it to spark your interest (or not) and tell you how much I enjoyed.

Check out more in ABOUT THE SITE.

Then, the choice is yours.


Here of course, one space with all the movies that slipped between the cracks under one roof, so to speak, be that the indies, the weirdies, the wonderfuls, the oldies, the not so oldies.

Go on, take a Walk On The Wild Side and watch something different.

Happy watching.



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