Recent Time Travel Movies - TIME TRAP - Time Travel

Recent Time Travel Movies – TIME TRAP

I like all movie genres but I have to say that time travel movies have fascinated me for a long time. A good few years ago I read an article that said time is man-made and according to quantum physics it doesn’t exist. It said that even though time feels real to people, it is in fact a made-up concept. Whaaaattt? I’m not here to debate this profound subject matter that prompts more questions than it answers but just to tell you why this sub genre is one of my most favourites, ever! (ever – whatever that means, eh? Ha ha ha.).

That said, I was doing my ritual trawl of the net to discover any recent time travel movies that I may have missed and came across Time Trap. It was released in 2017 and directed by Ben Foster and Mark Dennis. Well acted with actors that are not widely famous, good fun and with a really good, surprise ending.

Hippies And Cowboys

Recent Time Travel Movies - TIME TRAP - Hippie Van

The movie opens to a hand wiping a mud splashed windscreen of a VW camper van. The hand belongs to

Hopper played by Andrew Wilson (older brother of Luke and Owen Wilson). As the scene pans out we see Hopper is with his dog (Boss) and the van is covered in bright colours that make you think “hippie” or the flower power era. Hopper slides open the van doors and starts to look through a bag that is in there and comes across a journal and a photo. The photo shows a family with parents and a little girl.

Then we hear Hopper’s voice narrating while he continues looking around the area surrounding the van, “So, what are we doing here?” “Well, my grandfather used to tell me the future can give you anything you want.” “If you wait long enough, the future will create it, maybe through technology or maybe you just not wanting it anymore. Either way the answer is in the future.

He discovers a cave and shines his light inside and sees a tunnel. Boss is at a distance from the cave and barking. Hopper gets annoyed with him and threatens to take him back to obedience school. Come on Hopper, we all know that when animals start getting the heebie jeebies it’s time to get out of there!

On shining his torch further into the cave Hopper sees a guy with his back to him and he’s not moving. It’s like someone has stopped the music in a game of Musical Statues (or Freeze Dance). The guy is dressed as a cowboy and Hopper clocks the pistol hanging from his holster and finally decides to get the hell out of dodge!

Moist Shimmerings

Recent Time Travel Movies - TIME TRAP - Moist Shimmer

Hopper returns to his home after the cowboy incident to find Taylor (Reiley McClendon) and Jackie (Brianne Howey) preparing to go out with him. They are Hopper’s teaching assistants in an archaeology program. Obviously spooked, he tells them to stop preparing and insists he is going back out to search solo.

Better prepared, Hopper returns to the cave, wraps a rope around his waist and leaves the other end of the rope outside the cave with Boss. He ventures further towards the cowboy and the closer he gets we see the air shimmering. He puts his hand out towards the shimmering and he can feel a wall of moisture.

And he doesn’t return.

Two days Later

With no sign of Hopper after two days Taylor and Jackie decide to find some transport and go looking for him. Jackie calls Cara (Cassidy Erin Gifford) who is an obvious love interest of Taylors but more importantly has access to her dad’s Land Rover. By the way, if the last name Gifford rings a bell, it is because she is the daughter of American TV host Kathie Lee Gifford.

So the hunt for Hopper begins as Cara is persuaded to provide the transport and go along on the adventure. But there is a proviso as Cara’s 13 year old sister Veeves (Olivia Draguicevich) and her friend Furby (Max Wright) will have to go too. Cara starts to drive towards where Hopper went missing and during the ride Veeves has a camera (she’s vlogging most of the way through the movie), Jackie speaks to the camera and gives Veeves a quick synopsis of Hopper. She brings her up-to-date and tells her that he has been obsessed for a while with trying to find the family that disappeared in the area in the 1970s.

Team Furby And The Goonies

Recent Time Travel Movies - TIME TRAP - The Goonies

They immediately find the hippie van and the family photo and on turning the photo over Taylor sees the words “The Hoppers”. He and Jackie now understand why Hopper was so intent on finding them, it is his family.

Furby suddenly trips on a rope and falls onto his back. Jackie picks up the rope and Cara tells her to be careful and warns her, “It could be booby trapped.” Jackie says, “Relax, it’s not The Goonies.” To which Furby replies, “What’s The Goonies?“. Jackie retorts, “Seriously?! You haven’t seen The Goonies?” Taylor remarks to Furby, “You kinda do look like Chunk.” (Respect to the homage!)

They find an entrance to a cave and they abseil down into it, leaving Furby behind where the end of the abseil rope is tied up.

Flashback To Hopper

The movie then flashes back to Hopper and we see what happens to him after he enters into the shimmering wall of moisture. As he moves into the shimmer, the cowboy immediately starts to walk forwards. Like in the party game it is as if someone has put the music back on and everyone starts to move again. In a nutshell, he hears voices in the cave, gets scared and runs back out to find it is nighttime and Boss is not there. He finds two vehicles completely overgrown with wild plants. One is his own and the other the kid’s Land Rover. He recognises Jackie’s backpack in the Land Rover and goes back into the cave to look for her and Taylor.

All For One And One For All!

The Goonies (1985) homage was an unexpected and happy encounter for me in this movie. For two reasons. Firstly, because it is a great movie about a bunch of kids on an exciting adventure and I love it! Secondly, because I created this website to give awareness to you about the possible movies you may have missed (for what ever reason) and this is exactly the case in point for Furby. His reason was he wasn’t even born when The Goonies came out and he was not aware of it. And the reference to Chunk? The character Chunk (Jeff Cohen) is one of the main characters in The Goonies and does look a little like Furby’s character.

SO MUCH MORE happens after the flashback to Hopper. We find out what the shimmer is, why The Hoppers went there in the first place and who else is in there with them. And it builds up to a great ending that I did not see coming.

Recent time travel movies your thing?  Great.  Encapsulated within the unusual time travel premise is the feel of a daring adventure with crazy happenings, sweet friendships and a cool unsuspecting ending and these are reasons enough to see Time Trap.

If you have the time comment below.

Tell me what you thought.  Did you understand the reference to the old movie The Goonies?


Respect to the Image Makers!

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  1. Hello, interesting article. I’m a movie fanatic myself, but to be honest, I never heard about it. I started reading your post, but when I realize that you are describing what is going on in the movie i stopped. I’m going to watch this movie and I will come back to give you my final opinion. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Best Regards

  2. Hi Louise,
    I must have missed “Time Trap” but I’m gonna see if I can stream it over the weekend. I really like your reviews and have bookmarked your website. I’ll be back!

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