Sci Fi Fantasy Movies - THE ROOM room

Sci Fi Fantasy Movies – THE ROOM

A room with a view, a room for improvement or the elephant in the room?  None of these are relevant to The Room, French director Christian Volckman’s sinister movie of 2019.  On the other hand, if you asked for an elephant it could well be in the room.  Sci fi fantasy movies are not new to this director.  But I had to look that up.  I’m glad I did as I discovered his tech noir science fiction movie Renaissance (2006).  That’s now on my list of movies to watch.

Within ten minutes of the movie beginning creepy happenings start.  For example, Kate (Olga Kurylenko) finds a dead bird in the kitchen and she takes it outside, as a result the bird flies away.  Volckman is a master at allowing the eeriness to creep in slowly and gain speed as the plot thickens.  Consequently, the hair begins to raise on our arms until we’re completely weirded out.

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen the very beautiful Kurylenko before, wonder no more.  She was Bolivian agent Camille Montes in Quantum Of Solace (2008).  Let’s see if the weapons training she did being a Bond girl held her in good stead against The Room.

Big Ole House

Sci Fi Fantasy Movies - THE ROOM Old HouseRoof rack overloaded with suitcases, a couple pull up to a big run-down house.  Cue “the happy couple laughing and dancing around the house while unpacking” montage.  (You know what I mean.)

On the left is a big ole house that needs some work, not unlike the house that Matt (Kevin Janssens) and Kate move into.  Just so you get the “ominous house in the middle of no-where vibe”.

Starting to get a little bored with this moving in business Matt hangs a print and sits down at his drawing easel.  Seeing this and thinking she’ll be left to the rest of the unpacking a little tiff starts between them.  “I don’t know how to fall in love with an artist” Kate says as she kisses him.

Miracle Bird And Ripped Wallpaper

Throwing out the old furniture from the second floor window and making a lot of noise he makes Kate jump.  She’s outside laying the dead bird she just found on the ground.  Turning and scowling at him he says it’s saving time from going up and down the stairs. (Yeah, makes sense.).  But, by the time she turns round the bird has disappeared.

Noticing a rip in the wallpaper with something just peeping through Matt can’t resist peeling the wallpaper back.  (Who can, right? It’s just asking for it.)  He can definitely see something and frantically rips through to uncover a door with a strange looking lock.  Luckily, he found a strange looking key earlier when he was chucking the furniture out the window.

Opening the door onto a room the lights start to flicker on and off.  He’s going to have to call a guy.  The power guy.

Spaghetti Wires And John Doe


Sci Fi Fantasy Movies - THE ROOM JohnDoe

When the electrician arrives he is surprised to see electric wires and chord in a mass spaghetti like tangle.  On the other hand, he’s more surprised that the couple have moved in.  That is to say, surprised because the previous owners were killed in the house.

Commenting on how old the wiring system is, he shouts good luck as he leaves and that he will get an estimate.  (Sounded a bit like the checks in the post to me?)

Later online Matt finds an article from 1975 entitled House Of Blood.  Brutally killed and the couple’s murderer arrested, the suspect was never identified and remained a John Doe.

“I Need Another Bottle”

After the long day Kate has fallen asleep and Matt is sketching the John Doe guy and drinking whiskey from a bottle.  Sauntering into the room he discovered earlier he slumps against the wall swigging the last of the bottle.  Holding it up he moans, “I need another bottle“.  The lights flicker off. They quickly flick back on.  Nearly jumping out of his skin he sees a brand new bottle of whiskey in front of him.

Van Gogh And Cézanne

Next morning, Matt is seen hanging all manner of very famous paintings in the room when Kate walks in.  Eyes wide and buzzing Kate thinks he’s on drugs.  Excitedly he tells her to ask for some “thing” that she wants.  She asks for money and he rummages around all the stuff in the room and finds the money.  Explaining to her that everything “just got here” she starts to get scared stating, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”.  He agrees with her that it is scary.  Nevertheless, he thinks they should enjoy it.

“Having Fun With All Our Things From The Weird Room” Montage

“I want the best Champagne in the world!” “Tons of Champagne!” “I want money and more money!”  All their Christmases and more have come at once.  Sitting on the floor with piles of money around they are laughing and sipping Champagne.  All dressed up they are kissing, dancing and rolling around in the money.

Eventually they calm down a little and start to think about how the room works.  Matt suggests it might be a computer but then quickly says he doesn’t care how it works, “You just use it” he smiles.  Kate replies, “Computers can get bugs”.

Something’s Gotta Give

Sci Fi Fantasy Movies - THE ROOM Wires

Hooking you in with this unlikely but fascinating concept Volckman’s sci fi fantasy horror will keep you gripped right up until the end.  It’s the room that just keeps on giving but eventually something’s gotta give, right?

There are many reasons to watch this movie.  Above all, it has an original story line with one of the most strange and scary endings ever.

It’s been nearly a year since this movie was released however and no-one I ask has seen it.

Sci fi fantasy movies this unusual and gripping don’t come along that often so do make some room to give it watch.

Got room in your life to comment below…

What did you think of the taster, does it make you want to watch the movie?  If so, why?  Or did you see it

Either way, what would you ask the room for?


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