Sci Fi Movies From 2017 - THE ENDLESS Weird Statue

Sci Fi Movies From 2017 – THE ENDLESS

Sci Fi Movies From 2017 - THE ENDLESS Tape

There were a lot of big budget sci fi movies from 2017 and The Endless was one of them.  However, start with watching Resolution (2012) and when you finish that, then watch The Endless (2017).

Both movies were directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead and they share mini sub-plots.  I had no idea about this and just happened to watch them in the most beneficial order. They can be watched as standalone movies but it’s just cool when you watch The Endless to realise the shared plot points.

Maybe you missed this sci fi movie because there were a lot of blockbuster sci fi movies from 2017?

Well not anymore.  Take a small peek here to find out if this movie is one you want to experience in full.

Krusty The Clown

Aaron (Aaron Moorhead) receives a box in the post covered in stamps. Containing a videotape he busies himself with finding something to play it on. Aaron and his brother Justin (Justin Benson) sit down to watch the video. A pretty girl sitting outside says something about being at the camp and looking forward to ascension.

The girl in the video is part of the cult that the brothers used to be part of. Aaron is clearly surprised that the cult members are alive. It turns out Justin pulled his younger brother out of the UFO Death Cult because he thought they were all going to kill themselves. Evidently, they did not.

Whilst trimming Justin’s hair the brothers are arguing about the video and the cult. Aaron decides to fool around and pull the shaver down the centre of his brothers hair.

Big Bros In Therapy

Sitting in therapy with his Krusty the clown hairdo Justin tells the therapist that it was meant as a joke but he knows his brother is unhappy. The therapists asks what it was like watching the video. Mixed feelings are clear as he’s relieved that the cult members are not dead. But is feeling bad that his brother thinks he took him out of the cult for no reason.

A newspaper from the past is shown: Local Men Flee Doomsday Cult, Reveal Life Inside.

Memories about the cult experience are different for each brother. Being a young boy Aaron remembers good food and happy times. Life now is horrible for him in comparison to that. Mind control and worshiping a forest Deity are Justin’s memories.

Little Bros In Therapy

Sci Fi Movies From 2017 - THE ENDLESS Clouds

“He’s trying to do the right thing,” Aaron complains to the therapist. Ironically, Aaron thinks that his brother is too controlling and that the right thing is always his way.

Sitting in the park and drinking Aaron asserts that he wants to visit the cult. Initially resisting the idea Justin backs down, seeing this as a way to get his baby brother out his funk state. “One day and one night and then we’re out of there,” he retorts to a smiling Aaron. Aaron lays back and looks up at the sky.  Clouds have parted to create a huge round cloud circle.

Two Bros Go On A Road Trip

Continuing to argue relentlessly about the cult as the drive along and interrupted only with brief moments of singing, they eventually stop. A large dusty road and surrounded by nothing they stop at the place where their Mum is buried. Glancing up Justin spots a flock of birds fly around in a circle. Looking up and down the quiet road frowning he appears slightly disturbed and tells Aaron to get in the car.

Camp Arcadia

Sci Fi Movies From 2017 - THE ENDLESS Camp ArcadiaGetting closer to the camp, a seemingly angry man walks by very fast. Recognising him Justin lifts his hand to acknowledge him but the man is looking straight ahead and appears not to see him.

Standing next to the Camp Arcadia signpost is a white shirted man with a turquoise fanny pack (UK: bum bag). His wide static smile greets and follows them as they drive by and Justin mutters sarcastically, “Not a cult though”.

Genuinely pleased to see them, Tim (Lew Temple) hugs Aaron and shakes Justin’s hand. Other camp members appear and Anna (Callie Hernandez) comments that Aaron is all grown up. She asks if he remembers her. Looking around at everyone Justin is remarks, “You all look..” Tim finishes his sentence with “..healthy”.

The Baseball And The Rope

Sci Fi Movies From 2017 - THE ENDLESS The Rope

Wondering if Anna is romantically involved with Shane (Shane Brady), Justin bursts his bubble by pointing out that she’s 20 years older than him. “They’re all in their forties, they just look young, it’s weird.

Heading out on a jog Justin spots the fast walking angry man and again he looks straight ahead appearing not to notice him.

Night time and everyone is gathered at the camp fire circle. Shane is showing Justin his magic tricks. All seems benign until he throws a baseball straight up in the air and it does not come down immediately. Instead, Shane takes his hand and lays it open, a moment later the ball drops directly into his palm. Visibly shocked he says nothing as he is distracted by Tim holding a rope.

Tim holds the rope and the rest of it trails off into darkness. He grabs the rope and it shoots up high as if a really tall person is standing and holding the other end in the darkness. Rolling his eyes Justin whispers to his brother it’s smiling Dave (turquoise fanny pack guy) standing on a ladder.

Weird And Wonder Filled

Sci Fi Movies From 2017 - THE ENDLESS Krusty Hair

Up until now there have been a handful of strange going-ons, (1) circles of clouds and birds, (2) angry fast walking man, (3) 40 somethings looking weirdly younger than they should and (4) baseballs disappearing.

However, it’s the rope game (which I purposely didn’t finish describing) that is the catalyst for all the unearthly, mind bending shenanigans that follow in this eerie sci fi flick.

Of all the sci fi movies from 2017, if this hair-raising experience doesn’t have you looking like Krusty the clown by the end, nothing will.

Be prepared to be weirded out and completely absorbed from start to finish in this original and intriguing sci fi mystery movie.

If you’ve got endless time, what did you think of the taster?  Are you going to check out the movie?

I’d really appreciate your comments below about the movie if you’ve seen it already too.


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