Sinbad Movies - Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger EYES

Sinbad Movies – Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger

Battling with both human and dark supernatural creatures this is Sinbad’s biggest adventure of all.  Sinbad movies always have monsters.  However, there are far more monsters and unearthly things in this movie.  And they all rise up to stop his important mission.

Third in the series of the classic Sinbad movies is Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger.  Click on the links below if you want to read a taster of the previous two:

The legendary Ray Harryhausen created the creatures in these Sinbad movies and he is well-known in the film making world.  Consequently, having inspired numerous filmmakers over the years including Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Guillermo Del Torro.

Let’s take a glance at the savvy swashbuckler’s escapade to save a Prince and marry a Princess.

Dangerous Dark Eyes

Slowly walking the Royal procession makes its way to the throne.  Taking his seat on the throne the handsome Prince Kassim (Damien Thomas) faces the crowd.  Smiles and whispers in the crowd show a mix of emotions.  Smiling his sister Princess Farah (Jane Seymour) looks proud.  Frowning and dressed completely in black is a woman and with her black veil around her head we can see only her big dark eyes.

Bending down to speak to the woman a young man with a hateful stare looks at the Prince.

Slowly rising the crown is about to be placed on the Prince’s head.  Instead, we see the woman in black’s eyes stare intently at the Prince as if she is willing something to happen.  As a result, Princess Farah screams wildly as she looks at the throne where something unexpected has happened to her brother.

Belly Dancing And Bad Wine

Disembarked from his ship and walking towards Charak city Sinbad (Patrick Wayne) is laughing and joking with his shipmates. Hastily walking Sinbad is teased by his crew that he is eager to see someone.  “After a long voyage it is good to stretch one’s legs,” he cheekily smiles.

Leaving some of his sailors just outside the city walls to entertain themselves he makes his way into Charak.  Shrouded in darkness the city is quiet.  Surprised as it is not curfew yet a passing merchant explains it is because of the plague.  So, he invites them all to wine and food in the shelter of his Bedouin tent.

While relaxing and watching the belly dancing one of his men lets out a loud groan.  Jumping up Sinbad realises the wine has been poisoned and confronts the merchant.

The Sorceress And The Skeletons

Sinbad Movies - Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger EYES

At the moment of confronting the merchant the side of the tent billows open and the woman with the veil that only shows her eyes appears.  Throwing something at the fire she casts a spell as her eyes turn into green eyes of a tiger.  Three other-worldly skeletons rise out of the fire with big shiny coloured eyes and they attack the crew.  Knowing the merchant the sorceress calls out, “Rafi!” and they leave together.

The Prince Is No Longer Himself

Difficult to kill but eventually crushing the skeletons under a pile of heavy logs Sinbad and his men escape.  Running towards his ship he notices Princess Farah.  Urgently needing to speak to him about her brother Prince Kassim she is pulled to one side by Sinbad.  Subsequently, he takes her to his ship.

Worriedly she explains the plague is not true but people whisper of witchcraft in the city.  Continuing on she tells him that Prince Kassim is in grave danger.  Needing Sinbad’s help she tells him a spell has been cast upon her brother.  Having no idea how to help Prince Kassim he does however tell her that he owes his life to him.

Changing the subject Sinbad tells her he has returned to ask for her hand in marriage and will she consent.  Willingly she says but only when her brother is himself again.  “Himself?” the confused Sinbad replies.

The Greek Alchemist

Apparently, Zenobia (Margaret Whiting) the Princesses stepmother (why is it always the stepmother?) has cursed Prince Kassim and turned him into a baboon.  Thinking intently on how he can help Sinbad knows that only an alchemist or magician can reverse this dark magic.  “Wait, yes I know!” he shouts but can’t quite think of the magi’s name.  Remembering, the crew name him as Melanthius (Patrick Troughton), the wise Greek who lives on the island of Casgar.  Living in a place no man visits with dangerous reefs, the crew confirm it will be a dangerous voyage and the Greek may not still be alive.

Passing Of Seven Moons

Agreeing to take the dangerous journey the pressure is on as Sinbad is told that they have until the passing of seven moons.  After that time the Prince loses all rights to become the Caliph.

It turns out tiger eyes (Zenobia) has a son called Rafi (Kurt Christian) and she wants him to be the Caliph.  Hence, why she bewitched Kassim and turned him into a baboon.  Ah, now it’s all making sense…..

So Many Monsters

Sinbad Movies - Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger Ship

“We sail for Casgar!” bellows Sinbad. Oh goody, we can ride along with the captain as he fights a medley of monsters and unearthly beings. Minotaurs, Sabre tooth tigers and trogs. Oh my!

Sinbad movies are wonderful for everyone that likes adventure.  So, get on board with this marvellous monster filled movie. Relish the adventure and appreciate the amazing Harryhausen creatures in Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger.

Sinbad movies have been around a while, have you seen this one?

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