Sinbad Movies -THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD Lamp

Sinbad Movies -THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD

Growing-up watching Sinbad movies is a great memory for me.   After watching a movie with my two brothers we would go romping about in our back garden pretending to be heroes fighting monsters and villians.   Our imaginations would run rife bringing out our adventurous nature.

In particular, I’m referring to the 3 old classic Sinbad movies:

Sinbad Movies -THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD CyclopsAll 3 movies have a range of marvellous monsters that were created by the talented Mr Ray Harryhausen.  The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad is famous for the cyclops monster.

Click on the above movie names for a taste of the other 2 Sinbad movies.  But for now here is a short taster on director Nathan Juran‘s The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad.

Mystery Winds And Fog

Fully focused on steering his ship through the fog Sinbad (Kerwin Mathews) is looking for land.  Knowing his shipmates are hungry and thirsty Sinbad knows he must find fresh supplies.  Sinbad can see something that his crew cannot as he starts to organise a landing.  Comments are made to each other that perhaps his mind has gone crazy due to the hunger.  Continuing to gossip, one sailor believes even if there is land it would be land that no man would dare set foot in.  His fellow sailor responds, “Sinbad would.  He dares anything.”

Mystery Winds

Hopeful about the landing Sinbad rushes below deck to find Princess Parisa (Kathryn Grant).  Met with the Princess’s companion Sadi (Nana DeHerrerer) she tells him it is inappropriate to visit her mistress at such a late hour.  The Princess appears and lightly scorns Sadi and tells her it is not his fault that the mystery winds blew them off course.

Cloven Hoof Prints

Joyously collecting fresh fruit and water on the island the crew’s mood is quickly subdued by the sight of a huge cloven hoof print in the sand.  Beginning to follow the hoof prints Sinbad remarks on what a stride the animal has.  Hence pointing to it being a large creature.  They come across a huge face in the rock with a stone mouth leading to a cave.  A loud roar is heard.  Shouting, “Help me.  Help me” a bald man dressed in black and holding a gold lamp runs out of the cave.  Chasing him is a gigantic cyclops.

Throwing and firing spears at the cyclops to help the man, Sinbad and his men start to fight the monster.

The Magician And The Genie

Sinbad Movies -THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD GenieHovering over the gold lamp the bald man, Sokurah The Magician (Torin Thatcher) begins to summon the lamp’s genie:

From the land beyond beyond,  From the world past hope and fear,  I bid you genie now appear.

Turquiose smoke rises from the snout and turns into the genie.  (The genie is played by thirteen year old Richard Eyer.).  Commanded to construct a barrier between the cyclops and the men the genie boy cartwheels away into a ball of turquoise smoke towards the monster.  After creating an invisible wall with his magic the genie returns to the lamp.

Cyclops Gets Clever

Getting into their boats Sinbad, the magician and his crew begin to escape back to the ship.  Not able to penetrate the invisible wall with his continuous thumping instead throws a huge rock at them.  A walloping smash and splash next to Sinbad’s boat causes both him and the magician to be thrown into the ocean.  Sinking into the water the lamp is lost to them.  But not the cyclops.

As soon as the lamp begins to disappear so does the invisible wall.  Free from the barrier now the cyclops wades into the ocean and retrieves his magic lamp.  Clutching it to his chest you half expect him to say “my precious”.

Deal Or No Deal?

Back at the ship Sokurah is distraught on losing his lamp.  Throwing a bag of jewels on the table he tries to bargain with Sinbad and persuade him to to go back to Colossa get it.  Knowing the cyclops strength and that he will now be on his guard Sinbad refuses and adds that the creature also has the magic lamp.  Cyclops have no speech and therefore the lamp is useless to them the magician informs him.  Looking away and ominously adding, “I alone can invoke the power of the genie“.

Sinbad explains that he is on a very important mission.  Not only is he to marry the Princess but that marriage will forge an alliance between her kingdom and Sinbad’s Bahgdad.  Obviously, no deal then.

Or Is It?

Sinbad Movies -THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD Lamp

Getting the hump, Sakurah struts out of Sinbad’s chambers.  But not before he suggests to Sinbad that when he is back in Baghdad he may change his mind.  Sinbad calls him back and points out that he has left all his jewels.  He looks at him strangely and walks away leaving the jewels on the table.

After All This Time…

Leaving the jewels and determined to get his lamp back you can imagine that Sinbad has not heard the last of it.  Plus of course Sakurah is a magician.  I wonder what tricks he has up his sleeve?

Speaking to Sakurah, the Caliph of Baghdad asks him to perform at the welcoming feast.  The magician agrees and cannot resist asking him for the loan of a ship to go back to Colossa.  Calling upon advice from Sinbad about this, the Caliph is advised to refuse.

Disappointed and dejected with a second refusal the magician causes great mischief later on at the banquet.  And for that reason Sinbad’s adventure has only just begun.

Having watched this movie more times than I care to remember as a youngster and rewatching as an adult I STILL ENJOY!

Sinbad movies have been around a while, have you seen this one?

Comment below if you have and tell me about your movie experience.

If not, why not bookmark this page to remind you to watch later.


Respect to the Image Makers!

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