Repeats on TV can be seen as a “good thing” or a “bad thing”.  As a child a repeat of ANY of the Sinbad movies was only ever “a really great”.

In particular, I’m referring to the 3 old classic movies:

The Ray Harryhausen monsters that Sinbad meets in The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad are the one-eyed centaur, the griffin and a six armed goddess of evil.

Know that I have written a taster post on all three of these Sinbad movies and if you want to check out the other two just click on the movie title above.

The Amulet


Red and white striped sails billow in the wind on Sinbad’s (John Phillip Shaw) ship.  Flying above the ship the sailors spot a strange flying creature with bat wings attached to a small human like body.  Calling out to Sinbad below decks, they point out the. creature to him high above the ship.

As Sinbad looks up one of his shipmates takes a bow and shoots an arrow at it believing the creature to be bad luck.  Narrowly missing the creature and making it swerve it drops something onto the deck.

Sinbad picks up the gold triangular shaped amulet.  Looking up his whole crew are staring at him in disbelief.  Telling him to cast it over the side his crew mate reminds him again that it is evil and bad luck.  Hanging around his neck Sinbad has other ideas, “I think I’ll keep it,” he smiles.

Dreams And Storms

Fast asleep in his cabin Sinbad is having strange dreams.  Dressed in a choli top and belly dancing a long dark haired girl shows the palms of her hands.  One of her palms has a tattoo of an eye.   A man head to toe in a black kaftan and cloak stands while the strange bat winged creature flies around him.  Enveloping the girl menacingly with his cloak until she disappears behind it.  A ghost like amulet floats in the air.  “Sinbad” he hears the man in his dream cry out.  He wakes to the ship tossing and turning.

Jumping onto the deck Sinbad and his crew fight with the crashing waves as the thunder and lightening threatens to never stop.  Faintly in the distance we hear Sinbad’s voice called out.  As a result,  the storm calms and the waves subside.

Prince Koura

Way-off course now Sinbad spots land.  Believing he has been guided there by some mystery force he swims out to the island.  While sitting and drying off Prince Koura (Tom Baker) appears on horseback.  (He is the menacing man from his dream.)  Recognising the amulet around his neck the prince calls him a thief.  Fighting starts and Sinbad takes Ahmed’s (Koura’s sidekick) horse and rides towards the city of Marabia.  Followed by the angry Prince Koura Sinbad manages to escape into the city.

Chasing after Prince Koura the city guards make it clear he is not welcome there.  Mumbling a magic spell under his breath Koura brings down the city gates and stops them.

An entourage arrives with a golden masked man and greets Sinbad exclaiming quietly, “We have waitied for you to come for a long time”.

The Spy

Sinbad Movies - THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD Creature

Riding away from the city and meeting up with Ahmed, Koura tells him that he must know what is said between Sinbad and the Vizier.  Glancing up to the sky he tells Ahmed he will send his spy, the bat winged creature to be his ears.

Noticing that Koura’s wrist and arm has visibly aged Ahmed is concerned for his master.  Using his magic in the city has meant losing some of his life force and aging him.

Grand Vizier Of Marabia

Riding together the masked man explains to Sinbad that he is the Grand Vizier of the city and has taken guardianship of the city following the death of the Sultan of Marabia.

Seemingly the Vizier believes that he and Sinbad share a common enemy in Koura and were destined to be bought together.  Versed in every black art Prince Koura threatens to take complete control of the city.

Bequeathed two secrets by the Sultan of Marabia at his deathbed the Vizier wants to explain them to Sinbad.  He takes Sinbad into a guarded cave below that city.

Two Mighty Secrets

Describing the mural on the wall of the cave the Vizier explains that it is a story that has yet to be realised.  Expaining his reason for wearing the mask he tells Sinbad a geat ball of fire engulfed the cave and took his face.  Damaging the walls the fire was the work of Prince Koura.

Curious now, Sinbad queries what the second secret is.  Something the fire could not destroy he says as he walks over to a box.  Lifting the lid he takes out an amulet just like the one hanging from Sinbad’s neck.  Giving the amulet to Sinbad he muses to himself that it is a key, a riddle, a puzzle that he is yet to resolved.

Marabia’s Future

Perched up high in the cave is Koura’s spy watching and listening as he lends ears to the prince who is miles away in another place.

Confused by the legend he wants to know what the key is for and what will be revealed.  The Vizier affirms it is power.  The power to rid the city of Prince Koura and his ugly ambitions. Otherwise, freedom and happiness in Marabia will be lost forever.

Wanting to solve the riddle and save Marabia Sinbad he stares carefully at the scorched mural and sees a ship and a voyage.

The Nautical Chart


Taking both amulets Sinbad locks them together but it is incomplete with the third and final part missing.  Inspecting the two pieces above the light of the fire they cast a shadow against the mural, showing a map.

A nautical chart!” announces Sinbad excitedly.

And you are a sea captain” declares the Grand Vizier.

Launching into yet another escapade Sinbad takes us with him on his adventure fighting monsters and ultimatley saving the day as only Sinbad can.

Sinbad movies have been around a while, have you seen this one?

Comment below if you have and tell me about your movie experience.

If not, why not bookmark this page to remind you to watch later.


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10 thoughts on “Sinbad Movies – THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD

  1. Hi

    I remember watching the Sinbad films when I was young and remember the poor special effects, especially  when compared to modern films. The plots may seem to be far fetched  but the stories were good and adventurous. You could say that the films were given the tradition Hollywood  style. Do you think that Sinbad is due a modern spin and brought up to date? I would certainly watch it, especially  if it has great special effects



    1. Oh Antonio, I would love them to do a remake BUT with not too much CGI. I do enjoy special effects but as long as it doesn’t over power the whole movie.  I wonder who would make a good Sinbad?  

      Cheers, Louise

  2. Yeah thanks for the warning on this one 🙂  I usally fall for the old throwbacks on lazy sundays so I’m glad I came across this on of the Sinbad movies made in the 70’s.  I will probably still try the 1958 one, Hollywood was still resting on classic storytelling and not dabbling in unproven cinema like they did in the 70’s.  Not complaining, some great stuff was made possible because of it (star wars comes to mind) but if you gave it a 1/6, I think I’ll skip this time

    1. Hey John, You and a few others commented on the 1 to 6 scale and were confused by it, so I took it off the site.  It distracted from my purpose, which is to let you know potential movies that you may have missed and give you a brief taster, introduction if you like.  Then you can make a decision to see if you want to spend more time on watching the whole thing.

      I DO recommend the movie, even though it is old, it’s still a great “man against monsters” adventure.😀

  3. I’m really enjoying the articles on this site. Some of these old movies I haven’t thought about in ages. Sinbad was another childhood favorite. One of my earliest memories was of being allowed to stay up late with my oldest sibling and this is the movie we watched. I should introduce this one to my own child.

    1. Hi Randy, I really appreciate your kind comments.  Yes, these old Sinbad movies are great and it sounds like we both enjoyed them when we young.  And I still do 😀 LOL.

      Come back and let me know if you watched with your own child, be interesting to know what the new generations think about these oldie but goodies.


  4. Thank you for sharing this great article about Sinbad Movies – THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD. l was surprise that this movie still exist l can not remember back in the day how many times have l repeatedly watch Sinbad movie not because l really loved the movie but because there was nothing else to watch, we had to watch what appeared on TV at that time as we were not as equipped with technology like we are now. And we only had 4 channels on TV so they will repeat the same move everyday it did not bother us back then as we did not know anything else. l really enjoyed reading your old classic movies post. I have bookmarked your article so that l can write some of the movies down. l will share your article with my friends. Great article.

    Stay blessed and stay safe!

    1. Oh so true Fiona!  The days of 4 channels and you watched what you watched, so to speak.  WOW!  How different things are now.  I really appreciate your lovely comments and I am VERY pleased that you will share and bookmark my site.  Have a wonderful day, Louise

  5. Wow! Simbad the Sailor is a Movie I had never want to miss on the TV. The Spy portrayed an overwhelming Ancient Fantasies and Fairytale. How would it look going back to a World without without modern transport and communications. I It will be wonderful to have my Children see this Movie in this Digital World. Thanks for this great review that remind us of ancient past.

    1. WoW is right, me too, I didn’t want to miss.  You’re welcome for the ancient reminder 😀.  Let me know if you and your family watch the Sinbad movies in the digital world!   I appreciate your comments, Louise.

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