Supernatural Horror Movies - RESOLUTION Old Cine Film

Supernatural Horror Movies – RESOLUTION

Writing this post title I was dallying over which genre to place it in.  As you can see I chose supernatural horror movies.  It could easily have been sci fi horror.  Or a thriller mystery horror.  Let’s not think too much about it, I thought.  I say to-mar-toes and you say to-may-toes.  Does it really matter?  Nope, not in my universe!

There’s a cabin in the woods, two best friends and some really, really weird creepy stuff going on.  If it sounds like a familiar premise you’d be wrong.  Messrs Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead have created something different, and that is a noteworthy achievement in the supernatural horror movies genre.

Here’s a taster of Indie movie Resolution (2012).

The Email And The Map

Supernatural Horror Movies - RESOLUTION ShackMike (Peter Cilella) is viewing a video he has been sent by email.  In the video his long time friend Chris (Vinny Curran) is high as a kite.  He is shooting at birds and shouting into thin air.

Obviously, the two friends have gone down different paths in life.  Married and with a baby on the way Mike tells his wife he has to try to help his friend one last time.

Making his way to a shack in the middle of nowhere by following the map that came with the video Mike is on a mission to detox his best friend.

Don’t Shoot The Man When He Comes To Help You

Pulling up in his car to the dilapidated shack there’s a gun shot and Chris yells, “Woo hoo.”  Mike ducks down behind his car. Chris is sitting on the porch.  Crouching down and slowly making his way to Chris he shouts out who he is.  Chris is pleased to see him, telling Mike, “I’m living the dream.”  On entering the cabin there is a dirty mattress on the floor and not much else.  Turning over a tin bucket Mike sits down and notices how much weight his friend has lost.

Whilst chatting and drinking their beers Chris starts to look for his pipe and can’t find it.  Freaking out, he accuses Mike of taking it.  He starts shooting at the birds again but runs out of bullets.  He tosses the gun and upset, he sits down.  Meanwhile, having found the pipe outside Mike hands it to him.  He takes a hit.

A Dog And Squirrels

Supernatural Horror Movies - RESOLUTION Dog & SquirrelTrying one last time to persuade his friend to go to rehab he is met with a decisive no way.  On getting up to go Chris asks him if his wife is still angry with him about the wedding.  Apparently, yes she is and in fact no-body really likes him right now.  “That sucks,” Chris murmurs, not caring as he begins to feel the hit.

Chris starts to babble about his life.  He’s got a dog (a golden retriever).  She (the dog) just visits and they are writing a book together.  About squirrels, her idea.

Suddenly, standing up to leave Mike reaches forward to shake his hand.  But instead tasers him and cuffs him to a metal bar.  Rolling around on the mattress in dread and disbelief Chris begs his friend to uncuff him.

Bargaining And Denial

Having decided on a force detox Mike rings his wife and lies to her, saying that Chris has decided to go to rehab voluntarily.  On returning to the cabin he brings home food and essentials that they will need.  In the short time that Mike has gone Chris (says) he has taken a good hard look at himself and is willing to go to rehab now.  If only he could be uncuffed.  And so the bargaining begins.

Sara the golden retriever happily trots in and Mike says she’s got a tag and he can take her back to her owner.  Upset, Chris moans, “Great, take the only thing that keeps me from killing myself.”   Obviously not wanting such a big responsibility, Sara scampers out and Chis wistfully looks on and says, “She’s got a great imagination”.

Dealing And Shadow Men

Two guys knock on the door asking for something from Chris.  Showing them his baseball bat Mike warns them to leave.  Mike asks Chris if he is dealing and is that why he has a gun.  He angrily says no, that the gun is for the birds.  But there are no birds. Chris then tells him the gun is for the gray men. “The government assigns a shadow man to each of us!”

Ignoring the shadow men comment Mike wants to know where the rest of his drugs are.  He goes searching.

Slides, Records And Videotape

Supernatural Horror Movies - RESOLUTION Old Cine Film

Looking around under the cabin Mike finds a ton of guns and a box.  Inside the box are old black and white photos and a photo of the backyard of the cabin.

Disturbing, creepy things now start to take place.  What has Mike let himself in for?  The force detox and the odd bod people he’s been encountering are challenging enough.  But now Mike starts to find a lot of mementos and artifacts.  An old VHS videotape (that he luckily has a video recorder knocking around to play on).  Cine film and slides.  And let’s not forget the photos in the box.

Over time it becomes apparent that the findings are not accidental but put in places on purpose.  He (and eventually his best bud) get the feeling they are being watched.  But by who OR by what?

Directors Do Cameos

A few years after seeing this movie I was a part way through watching The Endless (2017) when I noticed that there was some kind of reference to Resolution.  Fact checking on Google I realised that they were directed by the same guys.  Actually both Benson and Moorhead are the two lead roles in The Endless.  They also have cameo roles in Resolution.  The movies share the same universe and plot points.

I stopped watching horror later in life (having watched a lot in my youth) as there just didn’t seem anything out there that I enjoyed anymore.  Thank goodness for Benson and Moorhead! They have breathed fresh air into the horror genre.  It’s no  surprise that the movie won awards for best innovative film.

Being watched is unnerving enough but to suggest that something is watching you, well that is just plain right terrifying.

Resolve to add you comments below please…

Did you see this movie already?  Would you watch again?

And if you haven’t watched the movie, will you after reading this taster, let me know.

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Respect to the Image Makers!

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